I smell dinner cooking upstairs.  The "chef" has decided we will have breakfast for dinner because he found a new recipe that uses red potatoes and some amazing spices I hear, that will be prepared and cooked in a cupcake tin.  Also, there will be scrambled eggs with small bits of sausage (for me a very small amount) cooked in.  The late afternoon temps are so cool.  


Christine said…
Lovely sketch, dinner (breakfast) sounds good!
sandy said…
It was delicious! Never had red potatoes taste so good.
Pleased to read your meal was delicious, well done chef :)
That's a lovely sketch.

All the best Jan
sandy said…
thanks Jan, just saw this.
baili said…
this delightful painting has enlightened my heart dear Sandy !
excellent art and bees oh they add more life and beauty to painting indeed !

i am glad you are enjoying fall season ,forgot to mention in earlier comment that taco sound delicious :)
sandy said…
thanks Baili - oh yes it was good!! that taco. Our nights are getting much cooler so more leaves will be showing off their fall colors.


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